Day Air Credit Union is always here to provide you excellent member service and to take care of your financial well-being. But what if you move away? There are still many ways that Day Air can help in serving your financial needs, whether you are going on vacation, making a permanent move down south to the warmer weather (boy am I glad Spring is almost here), if you need a loan, and so much more!

Through Shared Branching, you have access to your account at more than 5,600 branches and 30,000 ATM’s. Shared Branching is a network of credit union’s working together to allow access to member’s accounts nationwide. Finding a credit union is made very easy by visiting Day Air’s website and searching by city or zip code under the Branches & ATM’s tab. So if you are on vacation or have made a permanent move, you can still access your Day  Air account from anywhere you are. Go ahead and try it out!

Lending is no different! We have many options that allow you to process a loan without even coming into your local branch. We have a multi-factored lending agreement that allows you to sign once and we can process any future loan without additional signatures. This helps if you you’re having a difficult time getting to a branch to apply and/or sign paperwork. Just simply apply online or call/email a loan officer at Day Air and we can help you! Another great feature is E-Sign, which allows you to electronically sign many other lending documents from the convenience of your computer. There’s no pen needed, just type in your signature from the secured file we send and once it is signed it will automatically send it back to us.

We have had so many members lately that have made us think outside of the box to get funding on a loan. For example, we just recently had a member with dual citizenship and was wanting to get an equity loan on his home in Dayton, but was currently living in Canada for three months. We were able to find a shared branch location in Montana for him to drive to and get his documents notarized. This was just a few hour drive across the border for him and saved him a great deal of time and money rather than having to fly back to Dayton. We have also had several members purchasing vehicles from out of state, either from a private seller or an out of state dealer.

So if you are looking to get a loan, we can make it happen for you no matter where you live! In most cases, as long as you’re a member, we can get you what you need! You never have to lose great service from Day Air, no matter where you live!