Tips and Tricks to Save More in 2018

Start the new year off by implementing some of the money saving games and tricks below and watch your savings grow in 2018!

1. 52-Week Challenge 

Every week save one dollar more than you did the week before. For instance in Week 1, save $1, Week 2 save $2, Week 3 save $3 etc… By the end of this 52 week challenge you’ll have $1,378 in savings! A great way to start an emergency fund or save for a vacation in a few years.

2. Keep the Bucks

Every time you pay for something and the cashier gives you cash back, take the $1 bills and put them into a piggy bank. Deposit the cash from your piggy bank at your financial institution (hopefully Day Air :-)) at the end of each month. By the end of the year you’ll be surprised how much you saved and probably won’t even have noticed. This is a step up from saving the change which is normally done with coins.

3. Continue the Payments

Did you finally pay off a loan you’ve had for years or are you getting close? A car or large appliance etc… You’ve probably gotten into a groove of making this payment so why stop? Continue making this payment right into your savings account. You won’t notice a difference in your monthly budget and before you know it your savings will be bigger than ever. A $350 car payment would amount to $4,200 in savings.

4. Pay Yourself to Do the Laundry

If you own your washer and dryer set a cost you are going to pay to yourself every time you do a load. Let’s say $1 for each wash and another $1 for each dry. Every time you go to do the wash drop $2 in a jar on your dryer and each month deposit your “earnings” in a savings account at your financial institution. You’d be surprised, but doing just 3 loads a week (many of us do much more) would amount to $312 in savings, plus paying yourself to do the laundry might be kind of gratifying too.

5. Save the Rewards

If you use a rewards credit card or belong to a rewards program at a grocery store etc… Calculate the rewards you are earning/saving each time you shop and deposit them into your savings account. For instance Kroger Plus members save a few bucks minimum each time they shop, why not take that money saved and put it into your savings. You could also apply this to your utility bills – in the months where utilities are less than budgeted for, put that surplus right into a savings account!

6. Save the Odds

If you get a weekly or bi-weekly paycheck, set up an automatic transfer for the odd amount of your pay to go into a savings account. Let’s say you get paid $637.12 weekly, set up an automatic transfer for the $37.12 to go directly into a savings account every week. By the end of the year you’ll have $1,930.24 in your savings – a pretty good start!

Take one or multiple of the ideas above and try them out in 2018, you may be surprised to find how quickly your savings will build up!

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