Savings rates 6x higher than the national average*
Save more of your hard earned money with a Day Air Savings Account.

Day Air doesn’t pay shareholders, like the big banks do, instead Day Air’s profits are returned back to YOU our member-owners. That’s why Day Air offers savings 6 times higher than the national average*. Start saving more of your hard earned money with a Day Air savings account or certificate, it’s easy to get started just follow the step below.


Savings Account Application

If you currently utilize Online Banking, you can open these accounts immediately through that channel.

Just log in, go to “New Accounts” and choose the type of account you would like to open.

If you do not currently have Online Banking, please fill out the form below.
Once your Online Banking is setup – you can open new checking and savings accounts following the instructions above.

Start Saving MORE in as little as 5 minutes.

Simply click the get started button below and you’ll be able to join Day Air Credit Union in about 5 minutes. From there the opportunities are endless including access to some of the best savings and certificate rates in town!

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*National average based on data from 8/1/2019