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Making a deposit is as easy as taking a picture on your mobile device.  Using Day Air’s Mobile Deposit, you can deposit checks on the go! It’s quick, easy, and best of all, FREE!

Key Points:

  • Enrollment requests are subject to approval
  • Checks must have “For Mobile Deposit at DACU” written on the back with the signature
  • Checks submitted before 4:00 PM EST will be processed same day
  • Maximum daily amount deposited is $5,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Mobile Deposit?
How do I sign up for Mobile Deposit?
Can I begin using the application as soon as I enroll?
Do I have to provide an email address?
What should my username be?
What does 'account label' mean?
Why do I get statements quarterly and not monthly?
Where do I get my account number and checking or savings type to enter into the Mobile Deposit app?
How should my check(s) be endorsed?
Is there a cut-off time for check(s) to be submitted?
Will I receive immediate credit into my account once my check has been submitted?
What are the deposit limits for the Mobile Deposit app?
What do the different statuses mean under the Review My Check Status area mean?
How can I tell if my check has been deposited to my account?

How long should I keep my check after depositing it using the Mobile Deposit app?
What holds apply to checks deposited using the Mobile Deposit app?
What kinds of items are NOT permissible to deposit using the Mobile Deposit app?
Who do I contact if I believe there is an issue with my account or I show a check has been Rejected for deposit?
Is there a cost for Mobile Deposit capture?
How can I best ensure the check image will be accepted?