We want you to have choices.

To be able to create a customized savings plan that makes sense for your life.

So we give you as many ways to save as there are good reasons to save. That family vacation to Barbados. Making sure your Golden Years are truly golden. Your daughter’s college education.

What’s on your horizon?

As always, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) insures your funds up to $250,000

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Here’s a snapshot of our savings product options.

If you’re already a Day Air member, most accounts can be quickly added through our Online Banking portal, filling out this form, or with a quick phone call. To get the full scoop on any of these products, just contact a Day Air representative.


Main Savings

Establishes your member ownership share with Day Air (the minimum to open this account is only $5).

Kasasa Saver®

An exciting savings account linked to your Free Kasasa Checking for higher interest and cash back rewards.

Money Market & Super Savers

Account offers a great return with a $2,500 minimum balance, and our Super Saver account offers premium rates with a $10,000 minimum balance. Open account here or within Online Banking.

Health Savings Accounts

Lower the premiums you pay for health insurance coverage while investing all or a portion of the savings in a tax-advantaged account.

College Saver Account

With its higher interest rate, this simple savings account lets you save your way to a bright future for your child.

Share Certificates

Get high yields based on current market rates, and terms for various maturity dates ranging from 6 to 60 months.

Bump Up Certificates

We also offer the option to “bump up” your rate, once during the life of the certificate, on our 36, 48 and 60 month certificates. You’re not locked in! Open account here or within Online Banking.
New money only. Bump is only allowed one time over the life of the certificate. Current rate must be higher to qualify for the bump. Minimum is $500.

IRA Accounts & Certificates

Whether you are looking for an IRA account or certificate, we can provide you with an IRA solution. Open account here.

The Day Air Kids Club

Kids will learn how to “share, save, and spend smart” earning dividends on their first penny! For ages 11 and under!

Holiday and Vacation Club

The money accumulated in the Holiday Club is automatically transferred to your share savings or check account in early November each year. Open account here or within Online Banking.