The mission at Day Air Credit Union is to enhance our members’ financial well-being.  We do exactly this and more at the York Commons Branch and throughout Day Air on a daily basis.  Each day we are given the opportunity to impact our members’ lives in a positive manner including; counseling members on how to strengthen and improve their credit, educating them on how we can assist them with our products and services, and building long-lasting relationships.

By building trustworthy relationships, we have many members that tell us we are like family to them, which is good because they are like family to us. We constantly strive to empower our members with the knowledge they need to make educated financial decisions, and help them feel comfortable with us. The environment at York Commons is so comfortable in fact; it is often referred to as Cheers. We have regulars that will come in just to say hi and see how we are doing.

Personally, I have countless members that I look forward to seeing and assisting.  There are also numerous members that I have helped throughout the years that are very loyal to Day Air.  A specific member, James, comes to mind.  I first met James when I worked at the UD Branch.  He has been a member for seventeen years and now lives in Atlanta.  He has told me that he will never conduct his financial business with another institution due to the exceptional service and advice he has received over the years.  Another couple also comes to mind.  Peter and Rachel are long time members of Day Air.  They have also told me they are extremely grateful to the credit union; and without us they would not have been able to purchase a home and begin saving for the future.

We can help all members with their financial needs; whether it is a free credit score enhancement, a loan, a checking account, or long-term planning.  Visit a Day Air branch and see why we have so many loyal members!