Always Improving For You

27 09, 2016

Always Improving For You

If you have visited our Wilmington Pike branch location at any time since May you have no doubt seen that we’ve been in the midst of an extensive remodel project. “How much longer will it take?” you might ask. Well, after months of “pardon our dust,” I’m excited to say that this project will Read More

21 09, 2016

Wells Fargo – Despicable

Be glad you don’t bank at Wells Fargo. Think twice if you patronize any big bank. Do they really have your best interests at heart? Really?

Big banks have their shareholders’ best interests at heart, not the interests of their customers. The recently uncovered egregious actions by Wells Fargo clearly display this. The bank submitted Read More

13 09, 2016

How is “FOMO” Affecting Your Finances?

Do you suffer from FOMO? What, you may ask, is “FOMO”? It stands for “Fear of Missing Out,” or an anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere. It’s the unsettling sensation that makes you go out or accept invitations even when you are tired and really have no desire Read More