Thank you. Your membership application has been submitted. We will review your application and we will respond within 2 business days (depending on current volume).



Please either mail your printed version of the application to us at the address listed below, or bring it in to a branch.

1. PRINTSIGN, and MAIL or FAX the form to: (Required)

Day Air Credit Union
ATTN: UD Branch
3501 Wilmington Pike
Kettering, OH 45429

FAX Number: (937) 643-3875  Reminder: If you fax us your application, don’t forget to send your initial deposit of $5.00 by mail.

    • Please be sure to include all of the following items to activate your account(s):
      • (A) a printed copy of this Membership Application with your original signature
      • (B) a photocopy of your state-issued ID such as driver’s license, and your work or student ID.
      • (C) You will need to send $5.00 with your application to open your account. This $5 will be deposited into your savings account. Of course, you can send as much as you want to your account.

We will begin processing your application once we receive your application online. However, to protect both you and Day Air Credit Union, we will not allow withdrawals from your accounts, order checks, or issue any electronic access until we receive the required items mentioned above. 

If you have questions about your application please contact us.