At Day Air Credit Union, we are more than just where you keep your money.  We are a full-service financial cooperative and our mission is to improve your financial well-being.

One area that I’d like to highlight is our Mortgage Department.  We are off to a great start this year!

HomeAdvantage-logoWe are not only here to assist members with financing their home, but as part of our HomeAdvantage Program, we are able to help you research home prices, neighborhoods, find a realtor, ask questions and become eligible to earn a rebate if you utilize one of our preferred realtors.  Many members have taken advantage of this program so far and have saved money at closing.

Just last week, a member shared a story with us about how thrilled he was as the service he received.  He has been working with us since January, stating he was thinking about refinancing and wanted to learn more.  Once he decided to apply, he came into our branch and filled out an application in person – his preferred method.  He successfully applied and was on his way.  Throughout the process he had many questions about the process, how costs were figured, when and why certain information was needed.  Our department was there for him to answer these questions as well as took the time to understand what he was trying to accomplish with his refinance.   In his own words “Everyone was helpful, friendly, and pleasant to work with.  [They] communicated regularly with me, and made sure that all my concerns were met every step of the way.”

We are excited when we see members come to their credit union first.  We strive to be a trusted financial partner – in all areas!  The credit union offers many types of mortgage loans, from 30-year conventional, to FHA, to our newest conventional loan that requires just 3% down.  So whether you are looking for a new home, wanting to refinance a current home, or just starting to think about getting out of  a rental, give us a call or stop into a branch today.  In the meantime, be sure to enroll in our HomeAdvantage program – even if you’re just looking.  It’s a great resource to start with, and who wants to turn down an opportunity for free money?

Looking forward to hearing from you! We are here to answer you questions and provide the best solution for your financial needs.

Melissa Gordon | Director of Lending