30 08, 2016

Hey Millennials…Should You Own or Rent Your Home?

“Mortgage interest rates can’t go any lower!” That’s what many Americans have been saying for the last seven years. Well, thanks to Brexit and other global economic factors, rates continue to drop.

Several lenders have priced their 30-year fixed rate mortgage around 3.00% to 3.50% (based on the qualifications of the borrowers).  Those awesome rates are about Read More

23 08, 2016

Love Your Savings!

Of course, we’re all looking for ways to save our hard-earned money. Isn’t it good to know that your credit union is also looking to help you save? That’s just what Love My Credit Union Rewards is all about.

At Day Air Credit Union, we’re excited to offer our members exclusive discounts and benefits on products Read More

16 08, 2016

Helping College Students to “Learn, Lead, Serve”

August means “back to school” time for most families, including mine! The start of school fuels so many different emotions: excitement, anticipation, nervousness, fear, etc. These emotions are not only what the students experience but also what the parents feel.  Whether you are sending your child off to first grade or their first year Read More

9 08, 2016

The Human Touch is Still Important

In this digital age, when it seems that people interact more with screens and devices than with each other, I believe that the human touch is still an essential ingredient in building rapport and trust. The human touch is especially important in creating a positive first impression. Trust is, of course, crucial for financial Read More

2 08, 2016

How I am Able to Live Day Air’s Mission

Day Air Credit Union’s mission is to enhance our members’ financial well-being.
What I enjoy most about working at the University of Dayton Branch is that I get the opportunity to help young adults who are beginning their financial life.  Whether it is their first savings account, checking account, debit card or credit card, most Read More

26 07, 2016

Joining a Credit Union Before You Need to Borrow is a Smart Move

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    Joining a Credit Union Before You Need to Borrow is a Smart Move

While you may not need a vehicle loan today, do you expect that you’ll need to borrow money to buy a vehicle in the near future? Regardless of your credit history, joining a credit union and establishing a relationship now is a smart move that could really help you down the road when you Read More

19 07, 2016

Home Improvement

They say that you shouldn’t take your work home. But, after spending all day in the construction zone of our Kettering branch remodel, I can’t help it.

All day long it’s, “What color should the walls be?” “How can we squeeze another office into this space?” “Is the conference room big enough?”

I guess that I Read More

12 07, 2016

Mid-year financial check up

Mid July: time to check-in on your goals for the year!

In business, we are checking in on our goals monthly, weekly, even the more focused of us do it daily. How about your personal goals?

Did you make a plan for the year? Did you make a SMART goal?

I plan to take a trip to Read More

5 07, 2016

Interest Rates – the new normal

Borrowers love low interest rates and savers love higher rates. So many people who responsibly saved money remember fondly those days when savings accounts and certificates yielded 5% or better. The interest rate environment changed a great deal since those days. The Federal Reserve Bank managed short term rates down to zero (they called Read More

28 06, 2016

Tips on Tipping

The following blog is written by our guest blogger, Eric Gagliano, EVP Client Managment, at MarketMatch.

Tips on Tipping – from the Babysitter to the Maître D
We all want good service, but we also want to guard our hard-earned money.  You know the basic rules for waiters and waitresses, but when to tip and how Read More