Congratulations!  You have taken the next step in your relationship and asked your significant other to move in with you.  During this exciting time you are thinking about how to merge two households, where to put things, and what to keep.  But are you thinking about your home-ownership policy and if their belongings are covered under your policy?

If you aren’t thinking about it, the quick answer is NO! They are typically not covered.

Jacquie, a member of Day Air Credit Union since 2007, experienced this first hand.  She took the big step and moved into her boyfriend’s home.  Unfortunately, in November of 2012 they came home to their home in flames.  The house and contents were a total loss.

No worries, her boyfriend had homeowners insurance.

Well, there was a reason to worry.  When they contacted the insurance company, to their surprise, none of Jacquie’s belongs were covered under her boyfriend’s homeowner’s insurance policy.  All she had were the clothes on her back.  To replace her possessions cost her over $10,000 out of pocket.

So why wasn’t Jacquie covered?

Homeowner’s policies only cover an “Insured” person.  The policy defines an Insured as:

  • You (the person named on the policy)
  • Your Spouse (must be a resident of the same household)
  • Resident Relatives
  • Any other person under the age of 21 who is under the custody of the person named on the policy

What has Jacquie done to protect her belongings?

She decided to sign up for a renters insurance policy with Day Air Insurance! For as low as $30 dollars a month, her personal belongs are now protected up to $100,000 and also has Liability protection for $300,000.  Now that is peace of mind.

So, if you rent or live with your significant other visit or call (937) 643-2072 for a free quote today.

Day Air Insurance also offers Auto, Home, Business, Life, Identity Theft, Pet and many more products to protect you and your family.

Jannell Eichstaedt | Vice President of Member Service