23 02, 2016

What is a Business Loan?

Is it a credit card?
Is it an equipment loan?
Is it a commercial vehicle loan?
Is it a line of credit?
How about a real estate loan?
Or perhaps a loan to purchase an existing business?
Answer: All of the above.

Business loans, otherwise known as commercial loans, are basically any loans extended to a business entity and utilized for business Read More

16 02, 2016

How I Live Day Air’s Mission

I have more than 15 years of experience working for Credit Unions which includes 10 years at Day Air. Each day I get the opportunity to help members by either making their financial dreams come true or guiding them through difficult financial times. I feel I am making a difference and living the mission Read More

9 02, 2016

Hello? It’s me…. your bank account.

Dear member,

Hello.  It’s me (your bank account).

I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet.

To go over…. everything. (Savings. Checking. Direct deposit. Loan payments. Credit score. Late fees. You name it.)


Hello? Can you hear me?

I’m here in town dreaming about you coming to visit me.

Where I can help you with checking Read More

2 02, 2016

Welcome to Our Newest Members!

On January 31, 2016 Countywide Federal Credit Union member-owners officially were welcomed into the Day Air Credit Union family.  I’d like to extend that welcome!

Back in 2015, the boards of both credit unions met and agreed that a merger would be beneficial for both cooperatives.  Boards voted, regulatory approval was granted, and on January Read More