28 07, 2015

What Cash Advance Stores Won’t Tell You

You may have noticed or seen an uptick in Cash Advance commercials on TV or the radio.  I know I have. Their advertising may catch your eye if you are strapped for cash, but I’m here to let you know that you should be wary of borrowing from Cash Advance, Pay Day or Title Read More

24 07, 2015

Tips on Facebook’s Payment Service

In March of this year, Facebook introduced a method of Person to Person payments through their Messenger app.  The person-to-person service works with Facebook Messenger and is meant to pay friends.  They’ve been adding to it over the past few months.

Sounds cool right? Perhaps, but with any online payments systems, you should still know all of Read More

14 07, 2015

Join Us and Do Good!

I will make a commitment to do good wherever I go.
I will pay it forward when I see the opportunity.
I will treat others with respect and kindness.
I will help others when they fall.
I will volunteer on a regular basis with local organizations.
I will be a Dayton Do-Gooder.

One of Read More

7 07, 2015

Credit Union Ownership

Much of our time and energy here at Day Air Credit Union is absorbed with the important blocking and tackling of what we do.  You have financial needs, and what we do is provide solutions for those needs as well as we possibly can.  Most members believe that we’re doing an excellent job at Read More