28 10, 2014

One Financial Partner. Many Financial Solutions.

In today’s fast paced environment you don’t have a lot of time to spend traveling from institution to institution to accommodate all your financial needs. Finding an institution that can meet all of your financial needs would be ideal. Well, that is exactly what Tina found at Day Air Credit Union.

Tina recently got a Read More

21 10, 2014

Making Life Easier!

As much as I try to reduce my financial paperwork, it can’t be eliminated completely. I collect receipts from various purchases, and I still receive some hard copy bills in the mail. The other day when organizing my home office, I found a six-week-old check that I’d forgotten to deposit. As individuals, we all Read More

14 10, 2014

Are You Sure You are Covered?

Congratulations!  You have taken the next step in your relationship and asked your significant other to move in with you.  During this exciting time you are thinking about how to merge two households, where to put things, and what to keep.  But are you thinking about your home-ownership policy and if their belongings are covered Read More

7 10, 2014

She did NOT just ask me that…

Have you ever had an experience that leaves you scratching your head? On a recent trip to Florida, I did.

After arriving in St Petersburg, Florida, I made my way to the car rental area.  A make shift counter had been made from tables as the main area was being remodeled. As I was finishing Read More